My Own Web Portal is a jumping off point to the websites I own and maintain. You can get in touch with me by emailing lee @ this domain.

Active Sites

These are sites that are currently active/I still own.

Lee Penney

My personal site, which houses content from some of the others I have shut down over the years.

Offend a Friend

A simple little site to allow you to email mildly offensive images to your friends. Designed as a bit of fun, to allow me to build a SPA on Tumblr.

Old Sites

Sites that have been sold or which have fallen by the wayside.

A Screen Near You (

A little film blog I built so I can share my views on film and the movie business on a dedicated site rather than including them in my normal blog.

Consume and Review (

I previously published my reviews on my blog, but spun them off onto a separate site to allow me to be more creative with the style and push some of the custom post type capabilities in WordPress to organise and display them better. These have now been moved to my person site.

Eight-Eight Template (

A Template Monster affiliate site I setup, adding some advice and resources of my own to try and encourage more people to build their own website by making it as easy as possible to get a great-looking site. Sales waned and eventually I shut it down.

Go Set Jetting (

Set jetting refers to tourism related to locations from film and TV, with the likes of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films being responsible for huge number of visitors. I myself have done some, so Go Set Jetting was setup to host that content and to try and showcase some of the places.

List Books (

As a bit of a reader I was running out of space on my bookshelf and, as I rarely re-read them, selling them on seemed like a good way to recoup some money and find them a new home. The problem was eBay and Amazon wanted a fortune in fees, which meant you had to charged a high price. I built List Books to allow anyone to sell their book without any fee. It grew to have over 6,000 registered users and more than 40,000 books listed, at which point I sold it on.

List Stuff (

The precursor to List Books, designed to let me sell my stuff before I realised I could open the platform to a wider base. (

You can never find a takeaway menu when you want one, so I decided to setup a site for takeaways to list their details and their menus. It also allowed online ordering, delivering the orders via fax or SMS (so the takeaway didn’t need a computer behind the counter). It was eventually sold.

Potter’s Place (

I am a Harry Potter fan and have written the occasional fan fiction. Instead of letting them gather dust, I threw together a site so that I could put them online and share them with other Potter fans, as well as post other Potter-related material, book recommendations, reviews, etc.

Shave and Review (

I got hooked on the world of saftey razors (also known as double edge razors) and my keeness to try new products led me to start writing reviews of the ones I had tried. I already had an appropriate domain, so created this as a sister site.

The Digerati Peninsula (

The Peninsula is my personal blog, where I write on anything and everything that interests me that doesn’t fit on my other sites.

Viewfinder Design (

Viewfinder Design is a site I setup to offer free web resources. Over the years I’ve built or customised a range of scripts for my various sites and I thought I’d offer that knowledge back to the web community, helping others in the same way I was helped.

The site grew to house a range of computer tips, reviews and articles as well as templates, scripts, plugins and software I’d written/adapted.

Write Here (

I write fiction when I have time and I’ve used various bits of software over the years. When you’re working on a 50,000 word novel you soon realise Word isn’t ideal; moving chapters around, editing and reformatting become a nightmare. I’ve used desktop software like Celtx and Scrivener, but decided to try and build a web version to allow people to write from the growing number of devices with an internet connection and avoid the headache that is synchronisation.